When I reflect on the moments of motherhood that brought me true joy, they weren’t always born from occasions of awe-inspiring grandeur. Many came from unexpected moments of pure delight and opportunities for intimate connection within day-to-day life. In the midst of the everyday routine, these moments would swiftly appear and pierce through the monotony, chaos, and exhaustion, causing a deep sense of bliss. I have intentionally turned these moments into large paintings, knowing that as I consciously relive and spend time with these moments, they will shape the story of my relationship with my children and my experience of being their mother.


This body of work is an observation of my children in how they interact with each other and their environment. Family dynamics continue to change over time, especially during years of youth and perpetual development. How they make sense of their identities and relationships, how they define boundaries, and how quickly those things can shift in a moment’s notice are all witnessed in my photography.


This work is a testimony to the contradiction I feel surrounding my experience with motherhood. I am conflicted between the external messaging of constant joy and purpose and the intimate reality of monotony and a heavy mental load. The weight of obligation and burden is far greater than what was imagined and foretold. Still, in the midst of responsibility, the anticipated bliss finds a way to pierce through, sometimes when least expected. It is a fickle enigma that is beyond my understanding. I use photography as a means of documentation and reflection on this paradox.


Humans have a personal relationship with the natural world, and for me, it is a source of peace and inspiration. Wide-open spaces, warm beams of light, and a vast color pallet make it an endless reserve that I can call upon. Finding the simple beauty within its complex ecosystem and never-ending evolution keeps it a continuous well of influence in my painting and photography.